Bildung ist die mächtigste Waffe, die du verwenden kannst, um die Welt zu verändern! (N. Mandela)  
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Artis Spiel- & Sprachwerkstatt Krummstr. 3 8212 Neuhausen 076 749 14 30
Why should my child study German at Artis Spiel- und Sprachwerkstatt, isn’t German all around us? - Yes, but it is not the High German that children will need for school success. - Yes, but without the extra help that usually happens naturally in the family, your   child’s vocabulary and writing ability won’t progress like it could. 
The course cover the following basic topics: Age 2 - 4: playgroupe or kindergarten - beginners - animals - food - body - clothes - colours Age 5: kindergarten - basic - my home and furniture - family - daily routine (get up, in the kindergarten, lunch, leisure, evening, go to bed) - seasons Age 6 - 12: school - schoolbooks: vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing
What can parents do? Demonstrate to your child that both your own first language and the German language are of value and importance. Make the most of opportunities to use German. Your child will learn a lot of German from being with German-speaking children. It is very important that childrens understand the significance of speaking German in the school and as much as possible practice at home. Practice away from the classroom is the best way for kids to improve their oral skills.  Home support is a very importan part of your child’s learning process. Please show lots of interest throughout the term. It is important to recognize effort, improvement and to acknowledge each little success. Please be available to play with the vocabulary-cards, to look at the videos and make sure your child is prepared for the next lesson. This is vital to your child’s positive attitude and his/her ongoing learning progress. By speaking and enjoying German through games and music, written an verbal exercises at home, you are helping your child develop a fundamental appreciation for the German language.